The Team


Peter Manchester Project Leader

Peter Skalski

FoodCycle Manchester

“It’s great to be involved with something that makes a difference in so many different ways. As a charity we tick all the boxes.
But more importantly, getting together, cooking a big meal and sharing it with people from across your community is, quite simply, a lot of fun.”

Image of Sam

Sam Oxley

FoodCycle Peckham

Food is the most natural way for people to bond in my opinion: no matter what your background or culture, everyone can appreciate a good meal! I’ve made real friends and met more interesting characters than you can imagine. It’s great to feel part of a community again, and to give something back.

Image of Beckie

Beckie Wingrove

FoodCycle Lewisham

“We all share a common belief that a meal prepared with love and shared with friends is a meal that feeds not only the stomach, but the mind and soul as well.”

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