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Image of Giorgio Locatelli

Giorgio Locatelli


Giorgio Locatelli is a Michelin-starred chef and author who has been involved with FoodCycle since early 2012 after visiting one of our projects in North London and seeing what we do first-hand.

“Throwing food away is the worst way of wasting money which is something we really can’t afford unless we are blind to the food poverty that surrounds us here, in the UK and in our very neighbourhoods – not just in other countries. If I can do anything to promote awareness about the food wastage issue then I will do it as FoodCycle is a worthy cause.”

Danilo Cortellini


Danilo is Head Chef at The Italian Embassy and became Patron for FoodCycle having volunteered at one of the Projects.  He has since supported numerous campaigns, including cooking additional meals to be delivered to FoodCycle guests in Hackney and Marylebone, as part of the temporary delivery service.

“FoodCycle is very close to my heart and we share the same values coming from a very humble family where mealtimes were always spent together and where nothing went to waste; over-ripe fruit became marmalade, cheese crusts went into soups, and old eggs became custard. After working for so long in the industry, I’ve seen first-hand the amount of food that’s wasted. What FoodCycle does with waste and surplus food, combining it with volunteers who cater for those often forgotten or isolated, is something which can only be applauded and I have been a passionate supporter since 2016.”

Jack Thorne


Jack Thorne is an award-winning television producer known for Shameless, Skins, This is England and most recently, Help.  Jack is also a passionate advocate for the disabled community in the dramatic arts. He was introduced to FoodCycle’s work in December 2020, when both parties were involved in The Old Vic’s much-acclaimed stage production of A Christmas Carol.

“What a beautiful thing FoodCycle has made. I was lucky enough to join the volunteers at FoodCycle Islington recently and I was really touched by everything it was and the way everyone clearly needed it.  And the food was delicious and healthy.”

Image of Ben Tish

Ben Tish


Executive Chef at the Salt Yard Group restaurants.

“This is a great cause and charity. It got my attention straight away as its relevant to me and my industry, common sense and above all doing good”.

Melissa Hemsley


Melissa is a self-taught chef, food columnist, best-selling cookbook author, real food activist and sustainability champion who is passionate about spreading the power of feel-good food.

“The FoodCycle team are some of the kindest most caring people I’ve met, they are full of action, enthusiasm and they use their energy, time and everyone’s generous donations to not only provide delicious meals but also training, support, cooking lessons and more.”

Image of Kelvin

Kelvin Cheung


The story of FoodCycle starts with Kelvin. Originally hailing from Canada, Kelvin founded FoodCycle in 2008, combining his love for food, cooking and community with a growing frustration with food waste. He’s now our patron and ambassador after stepping down as CEO in 2013 and has moved back to Hong Kong to run UnLtd HK and spend more time obsessively cycling silly distances.

Image of Anna Hansen

Anna Hansen



“I’m very conscious of the global scale of starvation & any initiative which tackles this problem can only be a good thing. I’m delighted to help raise awareness of the valuable work of FoodCycle.”

Image of Cyrus Todiwala

Cyrus Todiwala



“I wholeheartedly and totally support the work of FoodCycle. Being an Indian and understanding the plight of poverty and hunger, I agree with making use of perfectly edible food that would otherwise be wasted and turning it into fantastic meals for people in need.”

Image of Penny

Penelope Daly


Penelope Daly has been involved with FoodCycle since its inception in 2010. She joined the Board of Trustees in 2013 and became its Chair in 2015.  She has now resigned from her position as Chair but remains a passionate advocate and supporter of FoodCycle.

Penny is an economist. She works as an independent business consultant and executive coach/mentor with senior business leaders and directors across a range of private, public and charity sectors in the UK and globally. Recent UK clients have included Goldman Sachs (10ksb programme), The British Library, UCL and Centre for London. Her specialisms include governance, strategy, people and finance. Penny has established her own businesses in Venezuela (children’s clothing) and in the UAE (management consulting and training); she owns cows in Zambia. Penny sits on a number of UK Advisory Boards.

“FoodCycle is such a simple and effective model – people sharing a nutritious and wholesome meal prepared from food that would otherwise be thrown away. This brings communities together, reduces loneliness and helps the environment. I joined FoodCycle because this model ticks so many boxes for me. It’s inspiring to be part of this fun and vibrant organisation.”

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