Company Secretary

We're looking for a Company Secretary to work alongside our trustees and CEO to facilitate board meetings, take excellent minutes and ensure that Companies House and Charity Commission records are kept up to date.

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Job Description

What are we looking for?

You enjoy being organised and managing the important role within a charity of company secretary, ensuring meetings are organised, well run and documented.

You take excellent minutes and understand the need to circulate meeting minutes swiftly, knowing that the fresher everything is in trustees and SMT’s minds the swifter action will be taken to help the charity progress.

You take pride in ensuring company house and charity commission records are up to date, as key documents are available to the public here so its an essential part of demonstrating excellent management of the chartiy

You are keen to learn the workings of charity and may have already taken part in board meetings.

The vision and mission of FoodCycle appeals to you – you enjoy food and the fun of community dining, knowing the people make friends, eat well and feel part of their community due to our work.

What difference will you make?

This is a vital role for the organisation to ensure the efficient running of our quarterly board meetings and monthly calls. By taking an excellent record and following up with minutes, and action log you will help remind trustees and staff of their duties.

You enjoy working with an excellent team of trustees who are committed to FoodCycle and believe in our cause. Consequently your work will assure them that FoodCycle is demonstrating that the charity is well run, giving confident to the public and to funders that this is a worthwhile cause.

You will also ensure the charity remains legal and credible with ensuring all documentation is up to date and complete on both company house and the Charity Commission.

All these activities are essential to the smooth and efficient running of the charity.

What to send: A CV of no more than two sides, and a covering note/letter of no more than two sides explaining why you are suitable for the role.

Where to send it: APPLY VIA THIS LINK


  1. to support the Chair by ensuring the smooth functioning of the board;
  2. to receive agenda items from other trustees/staff;to prepare agendas in consultation with the Chair and CEO;
  3. to circulate agendas and supporting papers in good time;
  4. to make arrangements for meetings
  5. to check that a quorum is present;
  6. to minute the meetings and circulating the draft minutes to all trustees;
  7. to ensure that the minutes are signed by the Chair once they have been approved;
  8. to check that trustees and staff have carried out action agreed at a previous meeting;
  9. to act as Company Secretary and ensure that all necessary filings are made at Companies House and the Charity Commission.
  10. Maintaining the Company Books: The Company Books should include the following:
    • Certificate of incorporation
    • Articles of Association, plus amendments to the AoA
    • Hard copies of minutes of every Board of Trustees meeting (after the following meeting when the minutes are endorsed by the Trustees they should be printed, signed by the Chair and put into the company books)
    • Register of Members/Directors – includes paperwork on new and retired Trustees
    • Conflicts register (originally should be circulated by the CS to Trustees and updated every 6 months)
    • Annual returns for companies house and the charity commission

Registering new and retiring Trustees

  1. New (or retiring) Trustees (i.e. Directors/Members) should be registered with the Charity Commission and Companies House within 14 days of the change.
  2. Trustees meet 4-5 times a year, and attend the FoodCycle annual conference held on a weekend TBC due to Covid. Trustees serve 3 years on the FoodCycle Board

This is not a trustee position nor a remunerated position however we are looking for someone who is passionate about our cause.

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