Shepherd’s Pie

There is actually no recipe, just the creativity of our volunteers so we have guidelines……….

Topping is always mashed potato (obviously) although depending on what is available it may also contain mashed parsnip, carrot or swede.

Cheese might be added to the mash. Butter or marge and/or milk will also be added if we have any and sometimes some mustard.

Topping wise we might mix cheese with bread crumbs, cornflakes or a stuffing mix. Sliced tomatoes have also appeared on the top.

Pie contents:

Essentially whatever veg is around! We always roast the veg (where appropriate/sensible) to enhance the flavour. We start by sweating some chopped onions and garlic. Fresh or chopped tomatoes  will usually be added or just veg stock and then any veg that needs cooking/softening that isn’t being roasted (e.g. broccoli). Baked beans or tomato sauce might be added to thicken/flavour the sauce and gravy granules (check vegetarian!). Season as necessary. If there isn’t much veg we might bulk out with some lentils. Add roasted veg last and stir. You are aiming for a mixture packed with veg and a thickish sauce (i.e.  when you serve the sauce coats the veg rather than spreading all over the plate). Pour into oven trays, cover with mash and any topping, finish in oven 30-40 mins.

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