Savoury cake


200g chopped (small bite sized) vegetables eg. broccoli, cauliflower, courgette, pepper, mushroom, squash 
2 red onions
2 tbsp olive oil, for frying
1tbs fresh chopped herbs – could include thyme, basil, rosemary, depending on what vegetables you have
4 medium eggs
120g plain flour
2 tsp baking powder
Plenty salt and black pepper, spices or dried herbs to taste

Additional ingredients, depending on store cupboard:

Grated or crumbled cheese 
Pine nuts
Sun dried tomatoes
Capers etc

Oven: 200C/ Gas mark 6

Prepare: Cake tin or baking tray lined on bottom with greaseproof paper, and oiled on sides

  1. Cook (boil or fry depending on what you are using) the vegetables until tender. Drain and cool.
  2. Slice/ dice and fry the onions until cooked with a bit of colour.
  3. Add the fresh herbs to cooked onions, mix and cool.
  4. In a bowl, whisk the eggs, flour, baking powder and seasoning. Add any cheese, nuts, olives or other bits and pieces at this time.
  5. Add the fried onion and herbs to the cake mix. And then the other cooked vegetables.
  6. Mix everything together.
  7. Put in prepared cake tin/ baking tray. Sprinkle cheese, nuts, olives over top and bake for 35–40 minutes, until firm and golden.

Can be adapted with different vegetables, herbs and spices depending on availability.

Should be enough for 7-8 people when serves with salad and potatoes.

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