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What makes a Project Leader?

Each project is run by our lead volunteers called, Project Leaders. Each leader will take on a specific role to ensure the smooth running of their FoodCycle Project. These people are committed and want to make a positive change within their community, they take ownership of their project and make decisions about the day-to-day running of it.

If that already sounds like a role made for you, sign up to be a Project Leader here. If you want more information, get a read of what our Regional Managers think makes a Project Leader so great!


Harry Barham, NE Regional Manager, with Projects in Monkchester Road Walker and Westgate believes that the three things that make a great Project Leader are:

  • Positivity and enthusiasm! Our leaders are great at seeing the positive and finding fun and effective ways to achieve change within our volunteer teams.
  • Flexibility! This doesn’t necessarily mean flexibility in their diary, but more in their attitude to change, improve and keep building on the hard work of themselves and the volunteers they lead.
  •  Initiative and ownership! Whilst our Programmes team is there to support and guide our teams, it’s our Project Leaders who truly run and own their project. That’s why each Project has it’s own, local and unique personality!

Alex Hatherly, SW Regional Manager, with Projects in Bristol Easton thinks:

“Volunteers need to have a passion for the work we do, and be enthusiastic about the environment, reducing food waste and of course, cooking delicious food. Project Leaders have a lot of say in how their Project runs, so it helps for them to be a team player, happy to work together to make sure the project is a success, and to help any new volunteers out so they can contribute as much as possible to the sessions. Communication is important, as sometimes you might need to work together to solve a problem, like dealing with unusual ingredients, or helping out a guest. Chatting to guests is a big part of volunteering with FoodCycle, so Project Leaders should be friendly, approachable and welcoming, so volunteers and guests alike enjoy their experience at a FoodCycle Project.”

Elizabeth Battle, South and East London Regional Manager, with Projects in Norwood Junction and Bow says:

“FoodCycle Project Leaders are like snowflakes- no two are the same!”

“But there are some qualities that all of our leaders share. Our FoodCycle Project Leaders are exceptional in creating a welcoming atmosphere for all our volunteers and guests. They are able to keep calm under pressure and have magic powers to create a three course dining experience out of nowhere. They know how to get the best out of the teams they manage while juggling timings and multiple priorities. They can get excited about a new blender, cooking with an ingredient they’ve never used before or getting the perfect angle on their newest foodie Insta post.

More than anything, an ideal Project Leader is someone who is passionate about how sharing a hot nutritious can bring communities together.”


Now you know what makes a Project Leader so great! If you think you’re ready to take the lead, find your closest volunteering sessions and sign up as a Project Leader here.

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