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Veggie Samosa Recipe from FoodCycle Bristol

When we asked FoodCycle volunteer and cooking extraordinaire Kalisha (check out her foodie adventures cooking around Bristol @kalisha_p) to share her stunning samosa recipe with us, she not only said yes happily, but helpfully drew us a diagram on how to fold them (see below).

She also won us over by suggesting cooking an extra batch for half the time and freezing them “so you can get them out and stick in the oven for 10 minutes, and have samosas whenever you fancy them”. Such a great idea to avoid any waste and enjoy samosas on tap…

Thanks Kalisha!

Veggie Samosa Recipe from volunteer Kalisha at FoodCycle Bristol Easton

For the dough

1kg of plain flour

500ml vegetable oil


Enough warm water to make a firm but pliable dough

A thin paste of warm water and flour to help seal each samosa

For the filling

The filling can be made with whatever veggies and spices you have lying around! Ours we made with:

4 x finely chopped green peppers

2 x tins mixed beans

1tsp cumin

1tsp coriander

1tsp turmeric

Juice of 1 lemon

Makes around 50 samosa


  • Make the filling by mashing all of the ingredients together
  • In a mixing bowl combine flour and a generous pinch of salt
  • Make a well in the dry ingredients and then add the oil and warm water; combine slowly with hands to make a firm by pliable dough
  • Divide dough into balls the size of a plum and cover with a damp tea towel so they don’t dry out
  • Roll each ball of dough into a circle about 2mm thick and then cut the circle in half
  • Fill halves with the filling, add water/flour paste, fold and pinch to seal (see diagram for Kalisha’s step by step instructions)
  • Place on an oiled baking tray
  • Once you have filled all the samosas, brush each one with oil and bake at 180c for around 30 minutes until golden

For more veggie cooking inspiration, visit the recipe section of the FoodCycle blog here

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