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Recipes for Community

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To celebrate the community and to spread some cheer this festive season, we’re putting together a Recipes for Community digital cookbook featuring some of the best dishes from our FoodCycle family.

At FoodCycle we recognise that eating is about more than essential nutrition. It is a shared experience that bonds us together and helps to build stronger, healthier communities. We see in our projects every week that good food is a powerful. It brings us together, sparks conversations and helps us all to feel more connected and less lonely.

That is why we want to share our recipes for bringing people together this festive season.

We’ve collected delicious vegetarian recipes from our brilliant volunteers, alongside some very special guests. The tasty treats we’ve collected are hearty meals made for sharing, which are also focussed on using leftover ingredients – just like FoodCycle.

guests eating vegetarian recipe

Every single day in towns and cities across the country we support people who are hungry and lonely by serving tasty lunches and dinners. Many of our guests struggle to afford the basics to eat, and many will eat alone without company and conversation.

Our growing number of incredible volunteers across the country serve over 1,400 meals a week using surplus food. In 2018 we’ve cooked over 290,000 meals and reclaimed 126,000 kg of surplus food.

We will be launching the Recipes for Community digital book on 3rd December and we hope you will download it, enjoy cooking the meals with others, and sharing the vegetarian recipes with family and friends. We would also love to hear what your recipes for community are.

In the meantime, if you wish to support FoodCycle please sign up as a volunteer or make a donation online.

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