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The Big Give Christmas Challenge

Our partnership with The Big Give Christmas Challenge is simple: one donation, twice the impact for hungry and lonely people this festive season. By supporting FoodCycle through the Christmas Challenge, your donation will unlock twice the value thanks to our generous Pledgers and Champion 

“I get a healthy meal at the same time each week which is the only regular meal that I have. It also helps to lift depression.” 

Coronavirus has pushed more people into food poverty than ever in recent times. The Office for National Statistics reports that 2.6 million households are struggling to cover expenses such as energy and food. Meanwhile, 5 million tonnes of edible food is wasted in the UK every year. Many of the people we serve regularly skip meals and have only basic cooking facilities.  

“Someone put me in touch with you because they knew our personal circumstances and that we were struggling. You guys lifted our spirits yesterday …thank you for all your hard work. You really are making such a difference to people.” 

In the beginning of 2020, 75% of FoodCycle guests said they were lonely. Social isolation during the pandemic has meant more people need our support than ever before. Christmas is especially hard for many struggling to access healthy food and others craving social contact.  

“It has made my day hearing from you. I go to the meal every week and I was hoping someone would call me and now you have. It’s such a blessing to receive a call.” 

FoodCycle is providing takeaway cooked meals at projects up and down the country for people to collect, no questions asked. Our Check-in and Chat volunteers are calling the lonely for a friendly chat with 6,370 calls made in total since the service launched in May.  


The Big Give Christmas Challenge launches at noon on 1st December 2020 and closes at midday on 8th DecemberReaching our target of £5,800 would enable us to provide over 8,000 healthy cooked meals to vulnerable people – from children and the elderly to the homeless, refugees, and those suffering from physical and mental health issues. 

To donate to the Big Give Christmas Challenge visit our donation page here

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