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FoodCycle in Sheffield becomes Timebuilders Cookhouse

FoodCycle and Timebuilders have worked in partnership over the last 5 years to create nutritious, community meals using surplus food. In that time we have achieved an amazing amount together, opening 5 community meals, saving 21,848kg in surplus food and feeding 21,461 people.

We are really proud of our achievements together, however due to the natural progression and development of each organisation, TimeBuilders will now be branching out by themselves.

All the community meals will continue and our guests will still get the amazing service they always have had, but the projects will now be called TimeBuilders Cookhouse.

We have loved working together and wish TimeBuilders Cookhouse a successful future.

If you would like to be involved with Timebuilders Cookhouse please get in touch with Christine Batchford at [email protected] 

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