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Secrets of a fundraising campaign

FoodCycle was over the moon when family business, Lazy Susan, chose us as one of the charities to be a part of their Do Some Good campaign. In just a couple of months, they have raised over £5,000 for FoodCycle, meaning we can open our doors and serve tasty meals for even more people in need.

The Do Some Good appeal works like this: happy purchasers of Lazy Susan furniture are invited to take photos of their goods in situ at home, and to email the shots to the team who then make a cash donation to people in need: £10 for each set of photos, which Lazy Susan will raise to £20 if purchasers dress the table and go the extra mile.

The company immediately donates the money to one of their chosen charities, with FoodCycle being amongst these, chosen for the work we’re doing serving community meals across the UK to lonely and hungry people in need.

We’re so grateful to Lazy Susan for their amazing support and asked them to share their top tips on organising and running a winning fundraising appeal.


7 top tips to make your campaign rock

  1. Make it matter – choose a charity that makes a difference locally, nationally or around the world.
  2. Made it easy — if a campaign is too convoluted or has too many steps, potential donors can turned off. With your fundraising appeal, keep it simple. Make it easily explainable. These days, people are busy busy, so do them a favour by keeping things dead easy and super quick to understand and to act upon.
  3. Made it memorable — give your campaign a compelling and engaging name. Go for something short and snappy. Three words max and try to choose a simple phrase that trips off the tongue and can be universally understood.
  4. Brand it up — Come up with some branding around your chosen name. Make it appropriate and easily identifiable.
  5. Offer a benefit — with the Do Some Good campaign, disadvantaged people benefit through the donated money, camera-clicking donors feel good about helping others, potential customers can visualise how the furniture set that they’re considering buying will actually look in situ, and Lazy Susan Furniture showcases its products to prospects worldwide. Could your campaign also offer a benefit to everyone involved?
  6. Created a visual landing page — Make it clear how your campaign works by creating a dedicated landing page online. Give a crisp and clear step-by-step explanation. Show donors where their money will be sent and explain how it will help the people there.
  7. Communicate, BIG TIME! — encourage donor participation through leaflets, sending email, web page banners and social media. Spread the word and get everyone you know involved!


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