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Plastic bag tax to tackle poverty

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What’s going on?

The days of the plastic bag are numbered: from October 5th, a new law will mean that supermarkets will charge 5p for every plastic bag we use when we go shopping.

The scheme aims to reduce the amount of litter associated with plastic bags, and encourage us to dig out our ‘bags for life’ when we go to the shops.

Great, so what does this mean for FoodCycle?

Aside from being what we hope will be a pretty great step for the environment, we are really pleased that COOK, who produce homemade frozen meals, have chosen to donate ALL their income from the plastic bag charge to FoodCycle.

Over time, we’re hoping that use of plastic bags does decrease – but are delighted that COOK is supporting us in this way, helping us continue our work to tackle food poverty and isolation across the UK.

Find out more about why COOK chose to support us here.

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