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National Sandwich Week Recipes

To mark National Sandwich Week from 15th-22nd May, we asked members of the FoodCycle family to share their top vegetarian sandwich tips. The results were not only packed full of goodness but predictably innovative – get a slice of the best suggestions below!

Most Nostalgic Sandwich Story

As a child, we had party sandwiches with one slice of brown and one slice of white bread with banana and brown sugar. Fiorella, Project Leader at FoodCycle Clacton

FoodCycle’s Top 10 Sandwich Fillings

My Asian cooking teacher recommends a vegetable pakora sandwich with a cucumber, chilli and mint sauce and salad. Kate, Cooking Project Leader at FoodCycle Felling

You can’t beat Banana & Peanut Butter! Monika Tano, Project Leader at FoodCycle Birmingham

Soft goat’s cheese, honey, and fig Nicola, FoodCycle Training & Recruitment Manager

Toasted sandwich with Brie and sweet chilli sauce Alex, FoodCycle South West Regional Manager

Sorry a Ploughman’s is the only answer to this question Tom, FoodCycle Fundraising Officer

Toasted Cheese & Kimchee Anne, Project Leader at FoodCycle Islington

I have three favourites: cheese and peanut butter toastie; cheese and beetroot; and marmite and cucumber. Carly, FoodCycle Head of Marketing

Hummus and Roasted Vegetables is my top sandwich filling Sarah, Project Leader at FoodCycle Norwich

Sandwich Recipes For Special Occasions

Becca, FoodCycle South London Regional Manager This vegan Coronation chickpea and cauliflower recipe is a real show stopper, I swap out the mayo for yogurt.

David Rose, Volunteer at FoodCycle Bath Before I was diagnosed coeliac, I used to make muffulettas if I had friends round for a working lunch (it’s definitely a sharing sandwich!) Try this recipe but make sure you toast the bread and use warm aubergine and peppers so that the mozzarella was just thinking about melting.

Fun Sandwich Fact

JP, Project Leader at FoodCycle Newcastle A Greggs stottie, white and orange cheddar onion – brown with maybe some grated carrot. I call Greggs stotties ‘Geordie Ciabatta’ as they have a lovely open texture. Did you know Greggs started in Newcastle?

You can also use them as a quick pizza base… simply slice, cut side down into a hot pan with a little olive oil and get a bit of colour then add tomato purée, some softened onions, mozzarella, diced tomato and heavy on dried oregano!

The Tastiest Cheese & Pickle Sandwich in 4 Easy Steps from FoodCycle Bath Volunteers

Gather surplus ingredients (bread, cheese, pickle, butter or mayonnaise)

Add a generous helping of pickle on one side of bread and a generous dollop of mayo or butter to the other

Slice cheese with a smile (because cheese is delicious, especially when donated from an amazing local supplier)

Assemble and wrap for later or eat immediately

Top Sandwich Hack

Alice, Project Leader at FoodCycle Bath says to use the back of the spoon to spread the butter so you don’t break the bread.

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