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Meet Some Mango-nificent FoodCycle 50 Challenge Fundraisers

Meet Lucy Davis, who volunteers with our weekly check-in and chat call service to help combat loneliness. She, along with her friend Molly, has pledged to run 50k around London dressed as a banana and a pineapple (the banana suit has been a popular choice so far!) They have been so enthused by FoodCycle 50, they’ve even set up an Instagram page @thefurloughedfruit dedicated solely to the challenge and have already surpassed their fundraising target with a month to go!

Lucy Davis says:“Being a Check-in and Chat volunteer has been such a rewarding experience so far. I wanted to volunteer and give back to local communities, whilst staying safe from the global pandemic and it’s been perfect opportunity to make a real impact on the lives of vulnerable individuals across the UK. I have spoken to such a wide variety of people from different background, with some amazing life stories, and I have learnt so much from them. I have decided to take part in the FoodCycle 50 Challenge as it’ll be a great way to stay motivated to get out the house and exercise, whilst contributing to an important cause. Getting my friend Molly involved has made it even more fun!”

How fundraisers clock up their fifty is up to them. From stomping the pavement for 50 minutes every morning to mastering 50 yoga poses in a month, its open to all fitness levels and creative ideas. Challenge pledges so far include JP up in Birmingham surfing in a banana suit, Fi in Clacton going 50 minutes of tennis as a strawberry and Lucy in Portsmouth cycling 50 miles per week dressed as a watermelon…

Lucy Self, FoodCycle 50 Challenge participant from Portsmouth and part of FoodCycle HQ’s Communications Team says: ”Raising money for such a great cause while getting out on my bike every week and bringing a smile to peoples faces when I tell them I’m doing it dressed as a watermelon gives me plenty of motivation for the FoodCycle 50 Challenge. I’m excited for April to come so I can get out there and start fundraising for FoodCycle!”   

For those still on the sofa, there’s still plenty of time to sign up for the FoodCycle 50 Challenge HERE

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