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Keeping you safe

New restrictions across England mean that restaurants, bars and pubs now have to close by 10pm. However, the Prime Minister has explicitly said that takeaway services and delivery services can remain available throughout this period, which means our Cook and Collect and delivery services can continue to operate.

FoodCycle is here to ensure our communities and guests have access to food and they need our support now, more than ever. Over the past few months we have put a number of procedures in place to help keep everyone as safe as possible.

Volunteering and Guest safety
We want to make sure that everyone involved with FoodCycle is safe at all times. The UK Government has said that  COVID-19 is not known to be transmitted by exposure to food or food packaging.  We are constantly reviewing and following all health and safety guidance, which we have outlined in more detail below.

Face coverings
Volunteers at all Projects will need to wear a face covering whilst volunteering with us. Guests will also be expected to wear face coverings if they are collecting food from inside a building.  We will have a supply of facemasks, in case a volunteer or guest does not have one.

Hygiene is key
Volunteer and our guest safety is our number one priority. Based on guidance from Public Health England, we advise that volunteers wash hands thoroughly as soon as they arrive at a session and continue to do so frequently throughout. Volunteers are reminded that they should not attend a session if you are sick or have been told to self-isolate. Volunteers are provided with face coverings, face visors and hand sanitiser.

Social Distancing
Every venue has been risk assessed and has social distancing measures in place, along with clear signage.

Contact-free delivery
Any deliveries that we are still carrying out, are contact-free. This is to ensure that social distancing is maintained from the moment the food parcel is picked up to the moment the parcel is delivered.

Keeping our communities safe
Throughout this time, we have provided volunteers, guests and venues with consistent advice based on the official guidance that has been published by the authorities and we will continue to do this as often as we need to.

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