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Keeping positive at work in challenging times

On Monday FoodCycle had to take the difficult decision to put our 42 projects across the country on pause. This was particularly hard for the staff team as we know first-hand how many people rely on the service for a meal every week.

Last week, our team worked exceptionally hard to change our meals to takeaway service and it was deflating knowing that we wouldn’t (for all the right reasons) be able to continue with this in the weeks ahead.

Now, we are doing everything we possibly can to continue to serve our guests but we have to make some big operational changes. We are looking at a number of options, linking up with other organisations and we just need a bit of time to work on this.

As a team, throughout this strange time, we have been able to support one another by sharing daily updates and the little things that are keeping us positive. Personally I can say I now know things about my colleagues that I didn’t before and that’s a huge bonus.

Here are some of the things the FoodCycle team has been sharing to keep us going.

Plant updates

Tom’s Clematis, inventively named Clem, is growing nicely. Good work Clem.

Baking, lots and lots of baking

Alex made Vegan Raspberry Brownies, (recipe from Lucy Waton’s Feed Me Vegan). There’s also been lots of talk about Bread Pudding.

Pictures of pets

The FoodCycle team have a menagerie of cute pets.

Victoria’s very good boy Smudge.

Harry’s puppy Bessie, who wasn’t impressed with her puppy training certificate.


and finally, Carly’s lovely boy Sparrow, enjoying his government allocated exercise.

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