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Sign Up For FoodCycle 50 Launches Today!

Calling all sports enthusiasts, FoodCycle followers, fruit fans and keen fundraisers… sign up for our first ever challenge event FoodCycle 50 launches today!

Spreading a little hap-pea-ness this spring, the FoodCycle 50 Challenge will take place from 1st – 30th April 2021. Those taking part will set a 30-day fitness target around the number 50 – from cycling 50 miles per week to a daily dose of 50 star jumps – to raise vital funds for vulnerable people across the country.

How you clock up your fifty is up to you! From committing to 50 minutes of rollerblading to mastering 50 yoga poses in a month, creativity is greatly ap-peach-iated.

With lockdown 3.0 making us all feel lethargic, this virtual fitness test hopes to get us all off our sofas and turn those stay-at-home frowns into banana-shaped smiles. Those looking to lift mental health levels higher, can add extra fun by taking part dressed as your favourite fruit and vegetable. Baby might have carried a watermelon in classic film Dirty Dancing, but how about completing a cycling challenge dressed as one?

Or how about trying 50 sun salutations in a pineapple suit or embarking on a sponsored stroll dressed as a giant strawberry? We’d love to see a set of sit-ups from a line-up string beans or a weekly burst of burpees by a group of beetroots. Our advice? Dig deep and lettuce celebrate the joy of moving while making a difference.

Whatever form your FoodCycle 50 Challenge takes, we’re rooting for you!

Sign up to the FoodCycle 50 Challenge here

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