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FoodCycle Strikes for the Climate

On Friday 20th September, we’ll be setting an ‘out-of-office’ and hitting the streets to join the millions of people standing in solidarity with the youth-led Global #ClimateStrike

FoodCycle represents a community of over 10,000 volunteers, who feed 1,600 guests a week using food that would otherwise be wasted.

Food waste and the environment

Both our volunteers and guests care passionately about the future of our planet. We think it’s bananas that lots of lovely, edible food is being thrown away every day,  whilst many people in Britain are going hungry. The environmental impact alone is huge – producing, moving, storing and cooking food uses energy, fuel and water. Each of which let off greenhouse gases that contribute to the climate crisis.

At FoodCycle, we empower people to come together and reduce food waste while having a positive social impact. But the climate crisis needs much bigger solutions – and we need to take urgent action.

That’s why we’re striking for climate justice and a better future for everyone.

How you can get involved.

You can join us by joining the FoodCycle team on Friday at Millbank, Central London. Check the Facebook event for more details, or find an event near you and share your support on social media using #ClimateStrike (and feel free to tag us @FoodCycle too.)

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