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FoodCycle at 9

FoodCycle turns 9 this week and we’re delighted to have now served a quarter of a million meals! We’ve learnt a lot since we served our first ever meal (which was reportedly a pot of brown sludge). We now have 37 projects across the UK, led by 5,000 incredible volunteers, and supported by a regional team offering local support to each project. Take a look at our journey:



We need your help to continue serving tasty meals and nourishing communities across the country. If you’re able, a donation will help us to keep our projects running and to launch new ones. Click here to donate.

If you can’t make a donation but would like to get involved in another way, why not sign up as a volunteer and help make the magic happen. You can choose a slot that works for you, and there is no long-term commitment  – although we’re sure you’ll want to go back time and time again! Sign up here.

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