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FoodCycle 50 Challenge: Lettuce Get Started!

You’ve signed up to our first ever challenge event FoodCycle 50 – give yourself a round of apple-ause!

Kicking off from 1st April 2021, you’ll have 30 days to complete a fitness challenge focused around the number 50 – but how you clock up your 50 is up to you. By taking part, you’ll be getting active in April and helping FoodCycle provide nutritious meals and friendly conversation to our guests.

From stomping the pavement for 50 minutes every morning to mastering 50 minutes of rollerblading in a month, creativity is greatly ap-peach-iated. While the choice is in your hands, we’ll be sharing plenty of tips and ideas – from how to complete 50 sun salutations in a pineapple suit to FoodCycle 50 Fuel recipes from our favourite chefs to provide much-needed energy.

Not keen on the idea of dressing up? We understand burpees in a beetroot costume can get pretty sweaty and the fruit suits are by no means obligatory. We encourage every participant to set a target that feels right for you. We’ve even set up a FoodCycle 50 Challenge Facebook group so that participants can swap stories, get support and inspiration from their fellow fundraisers across the country JOIN HERE

From setting up your Just Giving fundraising page to tracking your progress, your FoodCycle 50 Challenge Fundraising Pack will give you a guide to getting the most out of FoodCycle 50 DOWNLOAD HERE

There are plenty of ways to spread the word across the local community and help smash your fundraising target. Tell your friends, family and colleagues that you’re taking part in the challenge and fundraising for FoodCycle over a cup of tea, via email or by posting on social media. Engaging your community through local newspapers, websites and radio stations can also work wonders. We’ve created a template FoodCycle 50 Challenge press release to help you get the word out DOWNLOAD HERE

Don’t forget to tag us on social media @FoodCycleHQ for instagram and @FoodCycle for Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin with the hashtag #FoodCycle50Challenge

Thanks a melon for taking part in the FoodCycle 50 Challenge, you’re the zest!


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