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Crepes filled with chard, tomatoes & cheese, topped with pecorino

Sarah’s Recipe

Sarah is a volunteer at FoodCycle in Durham.

This is actually a recreation of what we made at FoodCycle a couple of months ago before the whole apocalypse started. It was the day after pancake day and we had an abundance of rainbow chard and tomatoes very generously donated by Robinsons Greengrocers, so we came up with a genius idea to use them as filling for savoury crepes.

We’ve created a lot of magical wonders over the years with our revolutionary technique “throw everything in a pot and hope for the best” but this one was next level, Food Cycle hall of fame material. Moral of the day: Volunteer with me at FoodCycle Durham next term post lockdown!


1. Sautee some chopped onions and garlic in olive oil until browned and fragrant
2. Add in (fresh or tinned) chopped tomatoes, chopped chard, Italian herbs. Season with salt & pepper (optional chilli flakes for a kick). Let it simmer until the liquid almost fully reduces and the chard cooks through (check that the stems are tender because they are quite tough).
3. Make your basic pancakes scatter on some grated cheddar and spoon on the filling. Fold into triangles.
4. Finish off with whatever toppings you like! I gave it a poached egg, some chopped red onions, and an extra grating of pecorino

This recipe was originally posted on Sarah’s Instagram.


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