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Feelin’ festive at FoodCycle Bloomsbury!

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Last weekend, FoodCycle Bloomsbury kicked off the Christmas season with a festive fundraiser – they raised over £570 and had a fantastic night. But you don’t need us to tell you that – just read their Christmassy poem for a flavour of the night!

Twas not the night before Christmas, but it wasn’t far off!
When Hub Leaders were seen stirring, soup and other stuff
Decorations had been placed on the tables with care
In the hope that soon, plenty of guests would be there

Sure enough they all came, and there were many in number
Ready for dinner and watching the carol singers in wonder
Spirits were high, but tummies were empty
Until out came the starter, with options aplenty

Dips, veg and bread, all washed down with wine
Oh and of course not forgetting, the soup was divine
For mains it was a mass of veggie nut crumble
With mash and braised cabbage, meaning no one did grumble

Finally came the dessert, a bread and butter delight
Topped off with some ice cream to make it just right
Then Diego took the stage, a Hub Leader with flare
To give a good speech, about FoodCycle’s cares

There were singers once more, ukeleles in hand
Then everyone donated, spurred on by the band
But with the mulled cider all gone, end of cleaning in sight
The evening was over, they wished all a good night

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