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Day 5 of the Holiday Hunger Challenge

Beverley is taking our Holiday Hunger Challenge this week, living off a food and drink budget of just £2.50 a day to raise awareness of food poverty in the UK, especially during the school holidays which can push many families into food insecurity and poverty. Here she shares what day 5 of the challenge has been like.


Day 5 went well, I think I am getting used to eating less food. It was Bran flakes for breakfast with banana again. I never realised how sweet bran flakes were before, but it must be because they are the only food with sugar in that I have to eat. The bran flakes were a bargain and have added a welcome crunch to my meals.


I was working today so decided to take some apples and oranges for lunch, the fruit has started to go off so I thought I would eat it before it went soft. I ended up with a bowl of tomato, veg and bean soup for my lunch, as the cooking group that I was running asked if I would like a bowl. It was an open access group, so anyone can have lunch for free.



I was then volunteering at the Community Kitchen in Wakefield until 6 pm, so got home for dinner at 7 pm. I had the chicken stew but added the last third of my tin of potatoes, I fried them so really enjoyable. I have also had fruit and a spoon of Greek yoghurt after my dinner every evening, which should last me till Saturday (it’s not a very big portion)!


I have checked how much food I have left, I have a tin of corned beef that should do three meals, yippee! And luckily for me, my husband has replaced my bread. Did you know that in a medium cut loaf you usually get 18 slices-including crusts? I need to check back in the week to see how many slices of bread I have already eaten.


Tomorrow I am going to the Library in the Greenwood centre. I had forgotten that they have a Community spice and herb larder, where you can take free samples of different herbs and spices to try, which helps to encourage people to try different ways to use their leftovers.


I have changed my planned menu as the week has gone on, although I am still missing using a lot of ingredients that I take for granted, I haven’t been able to bake scones.


I have turned down an invite to a Football party on Saturday, I would usually turn up with a pudding and some drinks, I don’t think I want to go without anything to share.


I still don’t like tea, but I no longer have a headache from my coffee de-tox, I usually have 8 cups of coffee a day, both instant and ground coffee – it’s probably the thing I have missed most this week. I am just pleased that I don’t drink much alcohol, as a gin and tonic would have been way out of my food budget this week.


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