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Day 3 of the Holiday Hunger Challenge

Beverley is taking our Holiday Hunger Challenge in the first week of July. She will be living off a food and drink budget of just £2.50 a day to raise awareness of food poverty in the UK, especially during the school holidays which can push many families into food insecurity and poverty. Here she shares what day 3 of the challenge has been like.


“Tuesday was a bit easier, though I had chicken for tea again. I still woke early, but no headache today even though I still haven’t had any coffee, so I am getting used to tea.


When I was buying my food for the Holiday Hunger Challenge, I found a small packet of 30 tea bags to buy at Poundstretcher for 59p, not the cheapest way to buy them, but they were affordable on my budget. I can see why people use the discount stores, they sell food in smaller sizes than a lot of the supermarkets. I could have bought a small jar of marmite for a pound, these small packets work out more expensive, but they do mean that anyone on a low food budget could have a wider range of foods to eat.


At home, my bread has been disappearing! My husband was back at home yesterday- he works away so he hasn’t joined the challenge with me, and ate my bread(!!), making his toast and his sandwiches. This probably happens in lots of shared houses, food disappears from the fridge. It’s not a good feeling to find that your food has gone.


Lunch today was tasty, half a tin of sardines and lots of lettuce and tomato. I will have the same for lunch Wednesday.


I had to cook the rest of the chicken, as it was in the fridge. I usually would have put it in the freezer, but not a choice for lots of people, so I had a chicken stew for tea, I have a tin of corned beef and eggs still left for the rest of the week.”


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