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Meals During the Festive Period

Where possible FoodCycle will continue to run across the festive period.  All Projects will run every week but some may have to close/pause between 24th December – 4th January.  To make it as easy as possible for you to find a FoodCycle meal, we have listed all the locations that are open during the Christmas period.

FoodCycle meals are open to everyone, so if you need company or a free hot meal or food then please come along.  We don’t ask any questions and our volunteers will make you feel welcome.

Due to changing restrictions and COVID-19 some of our sit down meals may have to change to takeaways at short notice but we will do all we can to continue to provide food on the dates listed.

Monday 20th December

12pm – Clacton

12:30pm – Peterborough (takeaway)

3:30pm – Birmingham, Falcon Lodge

6.30pm Newcastle, Benwell

6:30pm – Gloucester

6:45pm – Hartlepool

7:30pm – Birmingham, Longbridge

Tuesday 21st December

6:30pm – Middlesbrough

7pm – London, East Ham

Wednesday 22nd December

1pm – London, Islington (takeaway)

1pm – London, Marylebone (takeaway)

5pm – London, Peckham

7pm – Liverpool, Dingle

7:30pm – Bristol, Easton

7:30pm – Bath

Thursday 23rd December

6:30pm – Leeds

Friday 24th December

7pm – Norwich

Saturday 25th December

5:30pm – London, Peckham (takeaway)

Sunday 26th December

1pm – West Heath

Monday 27th December

12pm – Clacton

Tuesday 28th December

No Projects running

Wednesday 29th December

5pm – London, Peckham (takeaway)

7pm – Liverpool, Dingle

Thursday 30th December

No Projects Running

Friday 31st December

12:30pm – London, Wandsworth Road

7pm – Norwich

7pm – London, Bow Road (takeaway)

Saturday 1st January

1:30pm – Bristol, Barton Hill

5:30pm – London, Peckham (takeaway)

Sunday 2nd January

No Projects running

Monday 3rd January

12pm – Clacton

12:30pm – Peterborough (takeaway)

6:30pm – Gloucester


If your local Project isn’t listed then please check the location page.

We know that many people rely on food banks or free meal services, particularly over the winter, our Projects don’t just run over Christmas, we run week in, week out throughout the whole year and you are welcome to join us every week, no matter your circumstance.

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