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Bath Student Volunteers

At FoodCycle, we don’t just rely on the help of our student volunteers at local projects, but we value the creativity they bring to the digital side of our work too.

During lockdown and at home, while our projects haven’t been able to run their usual community meals, many may feel out of touch with the communities they loved. But a group of students from the University of Bath turned what may be an isolating experience for some, into a chance to get together and do something worthwhile!

The students were set a task to raise awareness for a local charity, as part of their MSc in Sustainability and Management. Zooming in from five different countries, they collaborated with our local Project Leaders, and our marketing team to run a month-long social media campaign for FoodCycle Bath. With their shared interest in sustainability, volunteering, and good food, the group worked on increasing engagement and volunteer recruitment during a tough time for most charities. Check out some of their posts on the #JoinFoodCycle hashtag.

We got in touch with the team to talk about what content they posted, their own backgrounds and whether they enjoyed collaborating with FoodCycle.

“Hi there! We are a group of five students from the University of Bath, studying Sustainability and Management.

As such, working with FoodCycle was a great fit and we have truly enjoyed working with the fabulous FoodCycle team.

We have run a 4-week virtual campaign on behalf of FoodCycle Bath. We tried to convey positive news while sharing more information about FoodCycle’s work and values. This included posting recipes, ways to take care of your mental health, as well as fun facts and tips on how to reduce food waste in your everyday life.

We have really enjoyed this experience and hope it will have a positive impact on the community!”

A little about us:


Akira is a 27-year old Japanese national. Working for four years in the pharmaceutical industry and seeing sustainability issues within businesses made him want to develop his expertise in the area. Passionate about sustainability, he has taken part with other volunteering groups in Bath which focused on reducing carbon emissions through sharing resources and mending broken items.


Amisa is a Kenyan national. She has experience in project management and grant application for international charities and disaster relief planning with procurement in line with WHO EMT standards. She has extensive volunteer experience in Kenya relating to poverty alleviation programs, leadership and sustainable development. A dedicated feminist with a passion for sustainability, climate smart agriculture and interest in sustainable food systems and fast fashion.


Garance is a 23-year-old French national. Passionate about sustainability, she did an internship at a French NGO in Paris that focused on promoting sustainability and creating synergies between actors of the private and public sector. She also enjoys sports, travelling and learning new languages.


Maha is a 22-year-old Egyptian/Moroccan national. She has enjoyed numerous volunteering experiences, ranging from teaching underprivileged children, to raising awareness on animal cruelty. Maha is passionate about acquiring knowledge on different cultures and traditions, hence enjoys traveling and meeting new people.


Viola is a German national. Due to her personal and academic interest in sustainability, she has been engaging in different volunteer work since she was 19. She has volunteered for a charity similar to FoodCycle, amongst others, and as such has really enjoyed this project as its focus was not just of academic but also of private interest for her. In her free time, Viola loves to travel and draw, and enjoys learning new things.

From everyone at FoodCycle Bath, thank you so much team! If you’d like to become a student volunteer, sign yourself up here.

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