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A Quick Chat With Bath Project Leader Alice King

We talk to FoodCycle Bath Project Leader Alice King, who is taking on a 52-mile return hike from Salisbury to Winchester along with Claringdon Way Yo-Yo in a 24-hour period. She will be donating 40% of the funds raised to FoodCycle for the FoodCycle 50 Challenge and 30% to MS Society and 30% to MS-UK.

Alice was diagnosed with relapsing-remitting MS after two months of medical investigations due to strange sensations in her lower body. Although a big shock for her, she was grateful to receive a speedy diagnosis and wants to do something to raise awareness of MS.

Having joined the FoodCycle Bath team since May last year, first as a Check-in and chat volunteer then as a Cooking Project Leader, we were keen to hear Alice’s thoughts on what it means to be part of the FoodCycle family and her top tips for other FoodCycle 50 Challengers…

What has volunteering with FoodCycle meant to you? 

In lockdown volunteering at FoodCycle is what got me through, as it is a valid opportunity to chat and interact with other like-minded people. While at the same time cooking, which I love, and providing meals for the community. It is such a rewarding experience that I thoroughly enjoy.

What is the most fun part about volunteering with FoodCycle? 

The challenge is what makes it fun, especially on the cooking side. Seeing all the donated food, working out what to do with it and creating new recipes. On the hosting side getting to chat to all the volunteers and guests is the best part, especially if you get to wear a fruit costume!

Do you have any motivational tips for those embarking on the FoodCycle 50 Challenge this month?

I suppose just remember the good cause you are doing it for to keep you going. My boyfriend and I did a 60km hike for the challenge, which was really challenging for us but we just kept going and kept ourselves entertained by singing, dancing and chatting along the route. So if your doing the FoodCycle 50 Challenge alone maybe find someone you can bring along socially distanced to support you. Just remember to make whatever you are doing fun. Although I’m glad we didn’t wear a fruit costume on our long hike, so well done to all you guys that are wearing one!

It’s not too late to sign up to the FoodCycle 50 Challenge! For more information click here

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