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Fundraisers to friendship: 10 Inspiring FoodCycle stories

We’ve been nourishing communities for ten wonderful years, and over our time we’ve been utterly inspired by the people who make FoodCycle happen – from our guests and volunteers, to our fundraisers and partners. So to celebrate our ripe old age, here are ten things that make us say ‘WOW’.

  • Lewisham fundraiser

When it comes to fundraisers, the possibilities are endless, and our projects are always thinking of innovative ways to raise vital funds. FoodCycle Lewisham recently organised a screening of the film Ratatouilleand raised over £300!

  • Superstar volunteers

FoodCycle simply would not be possible without the dedication and passion of our volunteers. In return, we help our volunteers to discover new skills and unlock their volunteer potential:

“My confidence has boosted and boosted more and more. I’ve met some great people that give up their time to help the community and sometimes it makes me really emotional. I’ve even been to charity events and I am putting myself up for a Fun Run to raise money, all for the charity. Every session gets better and better and I feel come the summer the project will hopefully be well known to the community. I am fully behind FoodCycle as this I feel is my goal and want it to go far for the future as being made Project Leader in such a short time was amazing.”

fundraisers blog photo

  • Love is in the air

Our super volunteers are always thinking of new ways to raise oh-so important funds to help fuel our community meals across the country. This time around it was FoodCycle Bath fundraisers who raised over £400 with a Valentine’s Day train station collection! All you need is love…and delicious community meals.

  • Our community never stops growing

One of the newest projects to join the FoodCycle family is FoodCycle Birmingham Sutton! This project is only a few months old but has already had a mighty big impact on the local community. Just ask our guests:

“It’s very useful having a midweek meal. I just think it’s such a good idea. The initial step is making that first step through the front door because once you come the food will blow your mind. It speaks for itself. In terms of the quality of the food, in terms of the community spirit and in terms of the relaxed atmosphere. You know you have a family that comes here and it’s such a nice relaxed atmosphere. There’s no trouble, no hassle and it inspires you to come again.”

  • Where it all began

FoodCycle began in May 2009 when our founder, Kelvin, came up with a way of reducing levels of food waste whilst providing meals for people at risk of food poverty or loneliness. From that first pot of ‘brown sludge’ served at FoodCycle LSE in May 2009, FoodCycle now has 40 projects that are collectively feeding over 1,400 people across the country every week. From small acorns…

  • The power of a nutritious meal

We pride ourselves on the fact that not only are our meals delicious, but highly nutritious as well!

“Baby enjoyed that! He wouldn’t have been able to grow as much without this place. The midwife said he’s a very healthy baby. It’s because I’ve been eating lots of fruit and vegetables which usually, I can’t afford. I only get them here so if it wasn’t for this place baby would’ve suffered. They reckon he’s going to be 8 lbs.”

fundraisers Foodcycle nutritious meal

  • Stephen Hawking’s last gift

In April 2018, the world-famous scientist Stephen Hawking passed away. In a final act of kindness, Stephen made a donation to FoodCycle Cambridge to help provide an extra special Easter Sunday meal. Read more about it here.

  • Just Eat take on Everest

In October 2018, 12 terrific trekkers from the Just Eat team took on the immense challenge of making it to Everest basecamp. They raised a whopping £11,785 for FoodCycle and took got our lovely Pip to the finish.

just eat fundraisers

  • Foodie fundraisers

We’re lucky to have a community filled with talented chefs and foodies, who put on some of the best meals in town for our guests. On top of this amazing work, they’re also putting on some of the most exciting supper club fundraisers that help us to bring tasty, nutritious meals to more people.

Fork & Knife supper clubs run throughout the year and for each event they invite a special guest chef to share their perfect menu. The food is always centred around vegetables and proceeds are donated to FoodCycle.

The team at FoodCycle Finsbury Park are also no stranger to putting on successful fundraisers. This weekend they are putting on their second supper club with the amazing Asma Khan, the first British chef to star Netflix’s Chef’s Table and founder of Darjeeling Express. We can’t wait to get stuck in!

fundraisers supper club

Photo from Finsbury Park’s Supper Club

  • A recipe for friendship

Many of our guests say that they have met new people and made friends as a result of coming to our meals. In fact, 77% of guests have made new friends, 79% feel more part of their community and 85% have met people from different backgrounds. We love to know that our meals really are helping communities to break bread, break down barriers and forge friendships!

“I love coming to FoodCycle as it helps to meet new people and it also helps to tackle problems of isolation and loneliness. Feeling isolated and lonely can lead to depression and lack of confidence. Coming here helps me to connect with the community and helps me to engage with people” 

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