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FoodCycle Awards 2018

Every year at the FoodCycle Conference we recognise the work of our amazing Project Leaders. This year we added some awards for individual volunteers who have made a big impact in their region. Here are the winners! 

£35 for a week – for a family of four (and a cat!)

I managed to hit Tesco after, but only to get the first half of our weeks food, with toiletries. I wanted to get some more food, but the Tesco I had managed to get to had decided that it was sold out of their value range in almost everything. We’ll have to hit ASDA tomorrow.

Day 7 of the Holiday Hunger Challenge

I have made it to the end of the challenge, for many people this will be an ongoing weekly challenge to feed themselves and their families.  I have just enough food to make meals and eat for my last day. 

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