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5 realistic ways you can help reduce food waste in the UK

The more food wasted, the worse problems such as hunger and food poverty become. There are also economic and environmental impacts to consider. So, what can we, as ordinary citizens, do to help reduce this unnecessary waste? Here are five practical steps you can take to do your part.

5 reasons why you should volunteer in 2018

If you already plan on giving back to your communities this year by volunteering, then great! But if you're still on the fence about it, allow us to convince you with these five pretty great reasons to go for it.

FoodCycle in 2017

It's been a year of growth for FoodCycle in 2017, in more ways than one. We opened 6 more projects this year - Salford Langworthy and Prestwich in Manchester, as well as Bow Road, Cricklewood, Finsbury Park, and Dalston in London - widening our reach and spreading our advocacy across the UK. That brings the total number of FoodCycle projects to 34, the most we’ve had to date.

Chef by Day, Volunteer by night

With FoodCycle you're all working together on the same 3 courses, in a much smaller space, it creates a much more tangible sense of teamwork in comparison to my day job. The way FoodCycle works also encourages you to be creative in the kitchen, it's a real confidence booster when you've all come up with something off the top of your head, made it together and it goes down really well, it really makes you want to cook and experiment more in general.

Peter’s FoodCycle Hacks and Tips

Practical Peter from FoodCycle Finsbury Park loves a good hack. Whether it is making delicious meals using food surplus, using simple methods to clean difficult stains or thinking up non-traditional cooking methods, Peter is your man. In this monthly blog, he will be sharing all his favourite FoodCycley knowledge with you, so you can get a bit of the Peter magic each month.

Volunteering Stories

Although I already knew that FoodCycle does more than just feed people, experiencing for myself the intangible effect of the community-like gathering – and how it directly addressed the issues brought about by food poverty – was something else entirely.

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