Bristol Project

  • Location: Barton Hill Settlement,
    43 Ducie Road,
    Barton Hill, Bristol, BS5 0AX
  • When: Saturdays, 1:30pm
  • Contact: [email protected]
  • Accessibility: Wheelchair accessible.

Every Saturday we serve delicious meals to those who attend Barton Hill Settlement in Bristol. We also work in partnership with other local organisations and welcome a mix of wonderful people into our extended dining room.

Every week we collect surplus produce locally from Sainsbury’s and independent retailers and use these ingredients to prepare nutritious meals to be served to the community.


FoodCycle Bristol is only made possible with the great volunteers giving their time, enthusiasm and energy. We have opportunities available for people to come along and cook, host guests and be involved in collecting the surplus food donations from local suppliers. Volunteer Here

We’re currently looking for some comitted cycling heroes to help rescue surplus food at 9 am on Mondays or 10 am on Saturdays. If you hate food waste but love cycling round your city, we would ‘wheeley’ love to have you! Sign up here.

You don’t need to have any previous cooking experience, although if you do that is just as welcome! We want as many local volunteers as possible and everyone is welcome to be a part of FoodCycle Bristol.

Please email [email protected] if you need more information.

FoodCycle has reduced food waste in Bristol whilst increasing awareness about it, it has tackled food poverty, and it has integrated university students with the local community; lasting friendships have been made over hearty meals.

Amy, FoodCycle Bristol Project Leader

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