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Surplus Food Coordinator

Do you hate the thought of wasted food? Help us to collect it and take it where it's really needed.

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Job Description

About FoodCycle

FoodCycle combines surplus food, volunteers and free kitchen space to create nutritious, three-course meals for the community.

We have 4 main aims:

  • To strengthen communities
  • To encourage friendships
  • To improve nutrition and reduce hunger
  • To change attitudes towards food and to reduce food waste

A FoodCycle project is where the magic happens. Each project is run on the ground by a team of 8 or more lead volunteers called Project Leaders, with each leader taking on a specific role to ensure the smooth running of their FoodCycle Project. These people are passionate, committed and want to make a positive change within their community, they take ownership of their project and make decisions about the day-to-day running of it.


As our Surplus Food Coordinator, you’ll be a central part of the Project Leader team working with local supermarkets, shops, restaurants and surplus food services to ensure the weekly cook has a regular donation of food.  You will be passionate about reducing the amount of food that’s wasted in our society and actively seek out opportunities to work with local services, grow your project’s networks within the local community and represent FoodCycle at local food waste events and meetings.

Skills you’ll learn

  • Teamwork: you’ll work as part of a team to prepare a delicious meal and serve it to our guests.
  • Leadership: you’ll lead on coordinating the food pick up team, ensuring everyone knows their route and
    know how to collect the right foods.
  • Relationship building: to ensure a good food supply to your project you will develop good relationships
    with the store managers. You’ll lead on promoting your project to local retailers and supermarkets, including
    circulating FoodCycle back of house posters so to the so they know what food we can collect.
  • Researching information: you’ll find information on places where your project could collect surplus food
    and see if there are any other food networks that your project could be involved with in your area.
  • Networking and public speaking: there will be opportunities for you to represent FoodCycle at
    supermarkets and events, to let other local organisations know about the great work that your project does
    and help grow its reputation and food supply.

What to expect from FoodCycle

  • Ongoing, regular visits, support and advice from your Regional Manager
  • A training conference to equip you for your role. Travel, accommodation and food cost covered by FoodCycle.
  • Expenses covered in line with our volunteer policy.
  • Training throughout the year from FoodCycle, including safeguarding and first aid.
  • Impressive skills to add to your CV and a reference if/when you need it.
  • Accredited level two food safety qualification provided by FoodCycle.
  • The opportunity to meet a large network of like-minded people.
  • A fun, creative volunteer experience with ownership over a community-led project.

What’s expected of me

We ask that Project Leaders stay with us for a minimum of 9 months, to enable them to get the most out of the role. As Surplus Food Coordinator, you will be expected to:

  • Attend a monthly Project Leader meeting to discuss as a team how things are going.
  • Lead a minimum of one session per month
  • Follow all FoodCycle policies and procedures
  • Complete a DBS check and attend safeguarding training
  • Complete the project report on our website after leading a session

Time commitment

The suggested minimum time commitment to your role is 12 hours a month.

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