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Fundraise for FoodCycle from the comfort of your home

We know that so many of you are keen to support FoodCycle at the moment, so we’ve come up with some virtual fundraising ideas to help inspire you.  If you need any support or more information please email Jess, from our fundraising team.

Throughout April, we’re challenging you to set yourself a 30-day fitness target around the number 50 and raise a minimum of £100 to help vulnerable people across the country. FoodCycle 50 aims to get people off their sofas and turn those lockdown frowns into banana-shaped smiles. Hoping to lift those mental health levels higher, we’re encouraging people to up the fun-levels further by taking part dressed as their favourite fruit or vegetable. Find out more and sign up.

Birthday/Wedding/Special Occasion Fundraisers
It is a real shame that so many significant social events are having to be cancelled during this period of social isolation. Turn this into something positive and run a fundraiser among all those that would have attended.

After-work drinks
It’s still great to wind down with your colleagues after a tough week. Think about all the ££ you’re saving by not buying a round at the pub! Donate some of those savings to FoodCycle to provide a food parcel for a vulnerable family instead.

Home Challenges – Great for Kids
Sponsor kids to complete a series of tasks, tidying their room, making a snack or meal, reading, Act of Kindness and mark it as completed for that day. Sponsor them to complete a week/month and donate their efforts to charity.

Spreading the word
Include a link to FoodCycle’s Donate page in your Out of Office or email-footer or on your personal or businesses social media pages.  Just copy and paste this link

Read more on how we’re now delivering food parcels to vulnerable people.

How your fundraising helps FoodCycle


  • Do it for the cause. We all agree that food waste and food poverty simply should not coexist. By raising funds for FoodCycle you’ll help us to turn even more surplus food into meals for people who are struggling to get by.
  • Do it for yourself. Reaching a goal always feels great; fundraising for FoodCycle is a fantastic way to achieve this whether that be a personal goal, a fitness challenge, or a community event.
  • Do it to make a difference. Our projects have a strong local impact, and your money will go directly to support our projects serve even more meals.

Take a look at FoodCycle’s Fundraising Promise and do not hesitate to get in touch in accordance with our Fundraising Complaints Policy if you think we are falling short.


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