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How Your Fundraising supports FoodCycle

  • Do it for the cause. We all agree that food waste and food poverty simply should not coexist. By raising funds for FoodCycle you’ll help us to turn even more surplus food into three-course meals for people who are struggling to get by.
  • Do it for yourself. Reaching a goal always feels great; fundraising for FoodCycle is a fantastic way to achieve this whether that be a personal goal, a fitness challenge, or a community event.
  • Do it to make a difference. Our projects have a strong local impact, and your money will go directly to support our projects serve even more meals.

How your fundraising can help a FoodCycle Project

Take a look at FoodCycle’s Fundraising Promise and do not hesitate to get in touch in accordance with our Fundraising Complaints Policy if you think we are falling short.


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