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Receive weekly calls from FoodCycle!

Whilst we can’t sit down together , we want to make sure you still have the chance to have a natter with a FoodCycle volunteer.  We know times are tough at the moment and we know that having a regular chat can really help lift people’s mood and help improve feelings of loneliness and isolation.

How Check in and Chat works:

  • Sign up using the link below
  • You’ll then receive a weekly call from a FoodCycle volunteer
  • Generally we’ll chat about food but we’ll happily have a chat about the weather and what you’ve been up to that week

Please be assured that we will never share your details with anyone else and we will only use your details for the weekly call and to update you on any FoodCycle services in your area.

Please note that all Check in and Chat calls will come from a withheld ID.   If you would like to become a Check in and Chat volunteer, you can find out more here.

Use this button below to sign up to receive weekly calls.

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